Granulated sugar-beet pulp
Fresh sugar-beet bagasse
Rapeseed expeller
Meat and bone meal
Fish meal
Blood meal
Feather-blood meal
Peat briquettes
Rapeseed oil cake
Animal Fat (Technical)

Briquettes are used as fuel for heating stations, boiler rooms and thermoelectric plants. Peat briquette is an ecologically clean and safe bio-fuel with ash content no higher than 11% (coal - 30%- 40%). Peat briquette ash is a clean complex natural fertilizer. CO2 emissions into the environment during combustion of briquettes equal only the amount of CO2 absorbed by the plant during growth. Peat briquettes are easy to store, they do not produce smoke during combustion and do not emit harmful substances. Peat briquettes are non-toxic and under normal circumstances fire- and explosion-safe.