Granulated sugar-beet pulp
Fresh sugar-beet bagasse
Rapeseed expeller
Meat and bone meal
Fish meal
Blood meal
Feather-blood meal
Peat briquettes
Rapeseed oil cake
Animal Fat (Technical)

It is a source of complete protein (containing all essential amino acids), minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium) in biological form and group B vitamins, especially B5 and B12. In addition, these substances are absorbed 90%. The purpose of any biological supplement is the pursuit of the best potential results of animal products. In this sense, meat and bone meal is quite an optimal solution in the direct price-quality chain. Proteins are among the most important elements of any body structure that positively affect all design processes of individual growth, development, active vital tone and reproductive periods. They are dominated in the composition of meat-bone meal comprising 50% of it. It has long been known that livestock and poultry feed should be supplemented with these elements, since they are directly responsible for the quality of daily agricultural products (milk, meat, eggs) and the output.